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Superior Pressure Transmitter

Superior Pressure Transmitter


Superior pressure transmitter :

Model S-20 :


The model S-20 weight transmitter for general modern applications is the ideal answer for clients with requesting estimating necessities. It includes a generally excellent exactness, a vigorous plan and an outstanding number of variations, which means it very well may be fit to the largest scope of uses. 


The model S-20 offers constant estimating ranges between 0 ... 0.4 and 0 ... 1,600 bar in all the significant units. These estimating reaches can be joined in practically any manner with all the standard business yield flags, the most well-known worldwide cycle associations and a wide number of electrical associations. Moreover, it offers various choices, for example, unique exactness classes, expanded temperature reaches and client explicit pin tasks. 

High quality 

The hearty plan transforms the model S-20 into an exceptionally excellent item, which even the most unfavorable natural conditions can't influence. Regardless of whether with the most reduced temperatures when utilized outside, with outrageous stun and vibration in machine building or with forceful media in the substance business, this transmitter can meet all prerequisites.

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