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D201 Magnetic Piston Differential Pressure Gauge

D201 Magnetic Piston Differential Pressure Gauge


Depiction :
D201, Magnetic Piston Differential Pressure Gauge is the most generally utilized differential pressing factor check for estimating pressure drop across channels and sifters, likewise appropriate for requesting OEM applications. 

Size 63mm, 100mm, 115mm, 150mm
Accuracy 2.0 %
Range 5 psi to 150 psi, 250 mbar to 10 bar
Material Aluminum, Brass, SS316

Application : 
Synthetic and petrochemical industry, oil and gas slips, channels, pressure driven frameworks, tank level estimation and so on 

Assurance IP65 
Discretionary SPDT switch 
Discretionary greatest pointer 
Dry and fluid filled 
Static pressing factor upto 400 bar 
Discretionary manifolds with turn connectors 
Tank level estimation and cryogenic applications 
This Product Compliance to Standard ASME B40.100/EN 837-1/IS-3624

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